The basic uniform, as explained below, is preferred to allow the silhouette of the body to be visible enabling the teacher to correct body placement, position, posture, alignment etc. It also gives the school a more professional look. Having said that I do not want parents to feel under any pressure to buy anything as black leggings for girls, black tracksuit bottoms for boys, a black t-shirt and black plimsoll style shoes are perfectly acceptable for class (all of which are available from Penneys in Newbridge). In the future, if students wish to be entered for exams the regulation uniform will need to be worn for Ballet, Tap and Modern. You could buy the shoes or uniform as a present for a special occasion such as a birthday, Christmas etc.

All uniform can be ordered from Carla and will be sourced as cheaply as possible at all times.

The basic regulation uniform is outlined below:

TOTS (3-5yrs) Black ISTD regulation leotard with skirt, socks, pink ballet shoes & black tap shoes.
Ballet Black ISTD regulation leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes.
Tap Black ISTD regulation leotard, tights/jazz pants, tap shoes
Modern/Jazz Black ISTD regulation leotard,tights,ballet shoes/jazz shoes.
Commercial Black leggings/tracksuit bottoms, black t-shirt or black leotard, tights/jazz pants can be worn. Plimsolls, jazz shoes or dance trainers(optional).

  • Roch Valley Sheree Leotard in Black

  • Roch Valley Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Roch Valley Black Tap Shoes

  • Roch Valley Jazz Pants - Optional

  • Roch Valley Black Jazz Shoes

  • Black Ballet Wrap Skirt

  • Cross Over Cardigan in BLACK - Optional

Uniform Buy Back Scheme

Also, I intend to operate a buy back policy, so that if when your child grows out of any item of their uniform or shoes, providing the item(s) are still in good condition, and they usually are, I will buy them back from you at a reduced price to use as second hand uniform. Hopefully, in the future we will build up a good amount of stock which will reduce the cost to parents.